Updating usb 1 to usb 2

Symwave and MCCI claim to have demonstrated over 270MB/sec data throughput at the Intel Developer Forum in September 2009.Bottom line: Don't expect actual Super Speed data rates approaching 400MB/sec anytime soon. After long delays and much touted promotion of the new specification, USB 3.0 is now finally available or soon will be on some new ASUS and Gigabyte motherboards.

Most hard disk drives can transfer data faster than 40MB/sec.There are two types of hubs: powered and unpowered.Higher power draw devices may require a powered hub.In practice, the cable to the USB device counts as one of the six cables, reducing the maximum total length.If the USB 2.0 five-meter limit is not long enough for your needs, you can purchase one or more USB hubs or special cables.

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